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Support groups are available to help you process your feelings or ask any questions after you are first diagnosed with breast cancer. Research has shown that participating in support groups can effectively reduce your stress and anxiety from receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.​​​​​​​1​​​​​

You might find it difficult to discuss your disease with family and friends if they have never experienced cancer.​​​​​​​2 No matter how supportive your family and friends are, they often cannot fully understand what you are going through.3 Support groups can thus help you connect with others who are also coping with cancer.2 Sometimes, it can be more comfortable sharing feelings and experiences with others who are going through the same journey that might be awkward to share with your family.3

A support group also offers the opportunity to discuss practical information, such as what to expect during treatment and how to manage specific side effects.​​​​​​​3 This can help you feel more in control of your disease and reduce your feelings of helplessness.3​​​​​

Online support groups are also available, which can be a convenient option if travel is not advised for health reasons or if you do not want to travel to a support group.​​​​​​​3 You might also find it more comfortable to share your feelings online rather than in person.​​​​​​​3​​​​​​



  • What are you looking to gain from the support group? Emotional support or information about the cancer?
  • Do you prefer to connect with people who have the same type of cancer and same stage of disease?
  • Do you feel more comfortable sharing your feelings in person or online?
  • Where does the support group meet and how frequently?

Regardless, if you choose to join a support group, it is crucial to find one that feels like a good fit.​​​​​​​3 Some people may not enjoy being part of a group and benefit from other support, like one-to-one counselling.3


Apart from support groups, you may also gain inspiration from the stories of other breast cancer survivors, which can help you feel more positive when facing challenges along your treatment journey. Please click here to learn more.


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This health information is provided for reference only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider.

All decisions regarding patient care must be made with healthcare provider.